The Tyson Chandler Effect

After an extremely disappointing tenure with the Phoenix Suns, Tyson Chandler was released earlier this month. A $52 million investment for the Suns turned into 7.2 points, 9.5 rebounds, and .6 blocks per game over three years. Less than 48 hours after his release, Chandler signed a veteran minimum contract with the Los Angeles Lakers.

In his first six games as a Laker, 36 year old Chandler has proven that he still has some in the tank, and then some. His veteran presence and rim protection skills have been a welcome addition to the young, athletic Lakers. Chandler provides the Lakers a much needed true center, coming off the bench behind fellow veteran Javale McGee. Chandler’s on/off splits since he joined the Lakers do a great job of showing just how impactful he’s been so far:


DRB % TRB % Off Rating Def Rating Net Rating
On Court


75.9% 53.9% 111.2 101.9


Off Court


73.8% 48.5% 116.5 115.0



+10.3% +2.1% +5.4% -5.3 +13.1


Even though he’s only played 21 minutes per game, these statistics show that Chandler’s presence is felt whenever he steps on the court. The team’s Total Rebound Percentage increases by 5.4%, while their net rating skyrockets by 7.8 when Chandler is on the court. Chandler’s play has been an extremely key factor in the Lakers’ recent success, as they have gone 5-1 since Chandler joined the team.

The acquisition of Tyson Chandler has proven to be an amazing move for the Lakers, and will go a long way in their pursuit of a top seed in the West. The addition of a veteran rim protector will boost the Lakers’ efforts to compete with the juggernauts of the Western Conference.

While Tyson Chandler is nowhere near worth the $13.5 million he is owed by the Suns, he has proven that he still has a place in the NBA, and can still make very meaningful contributions at 36 years old.

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